I wish I could find words to string together into sentences that could fully and accurately describe her
And let me warn you that if I told you who she is today, don’t be surprised if tomorrow that’s not who she still is
Because you see, she’s like the seasons in the weather
She’s ever changing

One day she is warm and filled with happiness and one day she is rainy and cold
Some days she is both
She can be like the April showers or the storms in June
She can be the perfect summer day and she can be the rainy afternoon

But one thing is for sure, she never bores me
She will always take my breath away
Some days I wake up and I don’t even recognize who she is
But she always comes back to me
One thing is constant
I know she will be that summer day again
She may be ever changing and confusing
But she is worth the rainy season
I will love her when she is dark and cold
I will love her when she is bright and bold

(via boobslyn)